CADS - how to ski while saving your knees

I suffer from chrondomalacia and it certainly hurts when I ski.

I got my CADS system about 10 years ago and would not (possibly, could not) ski with out them now.

I wish I had had the system before I wore out my knee!

Other benefits of skiing with CADS :

  • It takes much less effort to ski
  • You can ski all day without getting tired
  • When you fall the CADS tend to bend the knees which means a much smaller chance of extension injury
  • You're less tired so you less likely to fall in the first place
  • They smooth out your skiing making video shooting more watchable
  • They help set the ski edge if you like carving
  • 99% of the time they dont disconnect if you fall - and you fall less anyway (see above)
  • I've crashed many times and the rods have never caused a problem even when they have disconnected from the boot
  • You'll love them if you go heli-skiing - no worries about getting exhausted keeping up with the group
  • You get asked questions about them by cute chicks on the ski slopes :)

Some disadvantages :

  • They do tend to throw your weight backwards - you have to concentrate on leaning forwards
  • You have to get your boots and skipants custom modified
  • The system is reasonably expensive - but it is custom fit
  • If you fall, it's sometimes a bit tricky to get back up without disconnecting the rods
  • You have to take them off to get on a lift - this is not a big issue
  • You get asked questions about them by curious guys on the ski slopes too

    • Here are some YouTube clips that I have taken while wearing the CADS.

      Note : you wont actually see the cads system in these movies - just the result of smooth powder skiing :)

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