An Engineering Analysis and Performance Report by Warren Winovich

The MGB Electric Sports Car


A vintage 60's model of the MGB sports car has been converted to electric drive using an AC induction motor giving driving characteristics of conventional internal combustion powered gas cars. A unique design feature is the inclusion of a low-voltage inverter/controller by Curtis Instruments. Specifications of the electric MGB are used to determine performance by applying solutions of the general equations of motion.

Performance in terms of the economy of energy usage and range between charging are determined for the small, 9.6 kW-hr, lead-acid battery. A solution of the non-steady state equation of motion provides acceleration performance in terms of time to velocity and distance.

Results of this analysis can be compared to the actual performance values acquired under city and highway driving. Calculated performance can be used to establish limits in the driving of the MGB electric sports car.

Warren Winovich Electric Auto Association

Charter Member Silicon Valley Chapter

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