Appendix to Warren Winovich Report

Upgrade of the MGB Electric Sports Car


The MGB conversion project is unique in that it is equipped with a Curtis model 1238, low-voltage, inverter/controller and a corresponding, three-phase, 70-volt, Induction motor. The battery pack consists of eight lead-acid, gel-cell units rated: 96 Volts @ 100 A-hrs; energy storage of 9.6 kW-hrs. For lead-acid batteries operating at the 96-volt level, the usable energy at highway speeds is about half of the nominal 20-hour rate. Consequently, about 5 kW-hrs stored energy is available. With an economy of energy usage at highway speeds of 250 W-hrs/mi, the maximum range is about 20 miles (for 100% depth of discharge). A practical depth of discharge is 60 % to maintain an adequate reserve and to promote long battery lifetime. The range of the MGB electric car is limited to about 12 miles for everyday use - on the low end of practicality.

An upgrade of the MGB electric car is the replacement of the battery pack with lithium-ion units with higher capacity to increase range. Current pricing of lithium-ion batteries from China sources is $ 300 to $400 per kW-hr. This is almost twice as much as the replacement cost of lead-acid, gel-cells, at $200 per kW-hr. But, range and lifetime of the lithium-ion system outweigh the price difference.

This study presents an upgrade option that increases range to the 100-mile distance and increases battery lifetime to over 10 years (about 180000 miles). The upgraded MGB electric car would have performance figures comparable to the “best” production model available today.

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