The MGB Electric Sports Car

Analysis by Warren Winovich

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Figure 2

Economy of energy usage for the MGB electric sports car with a lithium-ion, iron phosphate, battery pack of twenty eight cells. Battery rated: 112 V @ 280 A-hrs, 511 pounds, pack weight. Economy is only slightly less than the original vehicle with a 576-pound, lead-acid, battery: 96 V @ 100 A-hrs. Minimum economy occurs at 23 mph with a value of 152 W-hrs/mi. At a highway speed of 50 mph, economy increases to 246 W-hrs/mi. Economy increase below 23 mph is due to motor efficiency decreasing at low power output. The economy increase above 23 mph is due to the aerodynamic drag at high speeds. The somewhat high values of economy are attributed to the rather large drag coefficient of 0.602 for the open-cab sports car design.

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