Top tips for today :

  • Recommend cautiously buying stuff now
  • Pull what remains of your wealth from under the mattress and use it
  • In a couple of years this might seem just like a glitch
  • It's Sod's law that the exact time I try and make a living trading we have the biggest financial crash for 50 years...

This from the Schwab website :

"Past performance is no guarantee of future results."

Well, let's hope not!

What I have learned : "in order to make money you HAVE TO TRADE! You only make money when you SELL!"

The easiest way to make money trading is to SELL traded OPTIONS (and let them expire or buy them back later for less money)

Selling traded options has a number of advantages :
  • You get the cash up front
  • Time is on your side - the 'premium' over the stock price always goes to zero
  • If you get assigned, then at least you got the stock at a lower price than that of the stock on the day you sold the option
  • Options are often very liquid but even if they are not you can make money
  • It can be a more conservative investment strategy than owning stocks, mutual funds or ETFs
  • You do not have to be a genius to trade options
  • The current recovery period is a perfect time to start options investing

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      This chart is almost unbelievable :(

      But here is the inevitable recovery...

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